Excursion to the Thorntonbank

Although Belgium is has some catching up to do on alternative energy solutions, the North Sea Thorntonbank is starting to look like a scene from the movie Waterworld. Thirty kilometers from the coast of zeebrugge hundreds of windmills are being installed to provide clean energy and turn wind into Megawatts.  A few years ago, we travelled to Iceland, and on on way back to Belgium I was impressed to suddenly find a windmillpark in the middle of the infinite blue, now I got the chance to boat in between these giants.

We won this trip organized by the Belgian Offshore Platform, but some Googling can guide you to agencies or boat companies offering trips to the Thorntonbank. Mostly it’s around 50 euros for a few hours. The journey to it already takes 45 mins, so you can easily spend 3 hours on the water.

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