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Between Christmas and New Year 2020, after a year of quarantines and lockdowns I really needed to escape for a few days. All alone, back to nature I stayed in Eupen, right at the gateway of the Hertogenwald.  With its area of 12,300 hectares, the Hertogenwald is one of the largest enclosed high forest areas in the Ardennes, The High Fens.

“a solo trip can be an excellent reset”

Starting in Eupen, upstream towards the Weserdam and Lac d’Eupen over hills and along creeks to lake Gileppe and back. Almost without seeing anyone. The weather was near freezing point and in the other part of the High Fens a lot of snow fell the days before so most of the tourist headed that way. Perfect.

You can imagine that walking 37 kilometers with sometimes only hearing the wind in the trees and your own footsteps can be liberating.