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Spring Cleanup

I know the Gavers very well, for years I’m running laps around that lake. Spent hours strolling on the banks with friends and family so It’s a well known place, at least on land. Helping to keep it clean is just a matter of common sense and the right attitude. Every year there’s a ‘Spring Cleanup’ for everyone who wants to join. They provide the tools and we all make it an even nicer place to be. So I saw my chance to see below the water line at a different spot we use to dive too. The first attempt was cancelled due to bad weather. The second, on May 13th, the conditions could not have been better. Crystal clear water, sunny and a nicer temperature. We took a dive of 1,5 hours and went from shallow to -9m and back having fun while collecting lots of rubbish. A chariot filled with tires, a rim, lots of bottles and pieces of plastic, two paddles, tubes, etc…

And to take you along with us, here’s a short clip.

More info about the location: