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Zeeland dive

When I told some friends about my weekend plan to dive at some spots in the Oosterschelde, their first reaction was: “do you even see a thing?” So that’s why I took my camera with me. Those dives were the first in tidal water with the according underwater currents. The underwater life was still waking up after the winter, so at first glance there’s not much going on. Until you look closer and take your time.

And that’s the secret. Hovering over the bedrock you’ll let the peacock worms retract their feathery tentacles. Big lobsters hide back in holes and crabs rush back and forth. Thousands of oysters, sea stars, sea urchins and an occasional wandering moon jellyfish. Still too early in the season to catch sepia or sepiola, but more than enough excitement to go back again and discover more in the near future.

Above you’ll have an impression of what the view is below the waterline. We were lucky that the weather conditions were great that day and light reached the depth of 5 to 10m. Temperatures on shore were 16°C and at a depth of 14m around 10°C. So good enough for a 45 minute dive (Wetsuit 2 x 7mm).

The two locations can be found here: Zeelandbrug 32, NL and Zoetersbout (26), NL.